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We Partner with Companies known to be the best in their fields at providing high end products with a great support staff and customer service. Peak 8 Solutions Inc. is a Manufactures Consultant business For Texas Refinery Corp and AgroEcoPower. Peak 8 only chooses the companies to partner with that are known for being the best in their fields and provide High end products with a great support staff and customer service nation wide.


Since 1922 Texas Refinery Corp. is a 4th Generation company that is unmatched in the Lubricant world

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Agro-Eco Power

AgroEco has helped over 100k customers increase horsepower, torque & fuel efficiency.

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At Peak 8 we want to learn about your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and what makes you unique so we can provide you with the right lubricants or Tunes. Our goal is to work closely with our cliental to boost operational efficiency to ensure higher quality for your business and equipment.

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